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Positive drainage

Positive Drainage

CRM can add, modify, and clean drainage systems associated with positive drainage and storm water management. A Chapel Hill client acquired a new property that was having issues with water management along building foundations and throughout the site. We were able to modify where needed, as well as add, drainage solutions including catch basins, drain box and piping systems, and open culverts with riprap stone.
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Some of our concrete specialties include sidewalks, patios, foundation dams, steps, and ramps. We assisted a Raleigh multi-family community in having their leasing office become ADA approved, by building a handicap ramp leading from the parking lot to the leasing office. It was also of great pleasure to help a Cary investor increase the value of their property by framing and building them a brand-new concrete patio area, which we later finished with a covered area, grill area, and fire pit.
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Mold remediation

Mold Remediation and Repair 

At CRM we have taken the time to learn and understand the science behind mold and its growth. With this knowledge, we have trained our crews to remediate mold and repair the damage that mold has caused to the property. A property owner in Winston Salem reached out to us when they found mold behind the panels of a refrigerated room from a pipe that had been leaking between the panels and drywall. We completed a mold inspection and mold damage assessment, followed by mold containment, air filtration, removing the mold and restoring the refrigerated room to have new panels installed.
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Water intrusion

Water Intrusion-Repairs and Prevention

A leak can happen at any property, at any time and for any reason. We have assisted multiple communities in the Raleigh-Cary-Durham area to establish the exact sources of leaks and amend the issues. While we have successfully repaired many kinds of leaks, here are some of the common offenders throughout the area; pipe boots, flashing, compromised caulking, chimney caps, even damage caused by rodents. A Durham multi-family property reached out to us when a leak was discovered in one of their breezeways, affecting the 1st and 2nd floors. The source of the water intrusion was resolved, and a complete renovation of the 1st and 2nd floors had to be done due to the damage caused by the leak.
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Amenities (1)


A client reached out to us to update and add amenities to their property in Raleigh. We came up with a design to remove one of their tennis courts and install gazebos, charcoal grills, gas firepits, and daybed swings to improve their open space. We used Chapel Hill Grit and Artificial Turf to keep the area low maintenance. To finish it off, we resurfaced the existing tennis court and added a pickle ball layout. We even created a hopscotch area and presented the property with custom cornhole boards. Our clients believe this will help them compete in the current market and maintain their valued residents.”
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Clubhouse renovations

Clubhouse Renovations

It was of great pleasure to assist a property in Raleigh who was looking to update their clubhouse. We completed every aspect of this update from demolition to painting and fixtures. Our tile master delivered to this property a beautiful backsplash with 4×6 subway tile hand placed in a vertical pattern, above the wet bar. We are certain that the residents of this community will love their clubhouse as much as the property management does.
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Apartment upgrades

Apartment Upgrades

Apartment upgrades are a constant request throughout the triangle area. Lenders and property management companies are looking to increase property value and have beautiful units that require no salesmen to lease. Apartment upgrades are one of the most common ways to do this and we are well trained in doing what needs to be done to turn units in a timely manner and have them ready for the next tenant. 
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Retaining walls

Retaining Walls

CRM offers several retaining wall solutions for our clients. Whether it is designing and installing an all new retaining wall, replacing an existing wooden retaining wall with a new engineered block wall, or making repairs to an existing retaining wall, CRM can do it all.
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