Stone Patio and Fire Pit at Apartment Community in Raleigh, NC

An apartment community in Raleigh, NC asked us to build a Stone Patio equipped with a seating area and fire pit for their residents.

The Start

Our client had an amenity that needed updating. The existing fire pit was aged and damaged. Our client wanted to update this area to make it more usable. We started with a footer for the stone bench to make sure this lasts. We next constructed the semi-circle block frame.

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Time for the stone work!

We started with a stone veneer along the bench walls and pavers for the seating area. Followed by the construction of the 47″ fire pit.

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We finished by installing a 47 inch LP gas insert. The fire pit walls and top match the bench seating area. We also provided an electrician to run the electrical wiring and the gas company to run the gas lines. The fire pit was finished with red ruby glass stones.

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If you have a need to upgrade, repair, or construct new outdoor amenities in your neighborhood, we would love the opportunity to work with you!