Benson NC Roof & Water Damage Repair

“Perfect Matches and Seamless Finishes”

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Roof Hail Damage

We are so happy to have been able to help this Benson family with their roof repairs. After their roof received damage due to a hail storm last year, this family reached out to us to conduct the repairs approved by their homeowner’s insurance. Here’s what we did.

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A Perfect Match

We helped this family with the selection of their shingles to ensure that the new shingles in the back of the home, matched the ones in the front that were not being replaced. The match is exact!

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Repairing Water Damage

We also repaired the damaged dry-wall inside of the home, caused by the water that entered the home through an offset ridge cap. The repairs are seamless!

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Successful Dry wall Repairs

We made repairs where the water seeped down and finished the drywall and paint. Good as new.

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Interior Water Damage

Here too, water made its way down and through this part of the ceiling. Water creates water spots and bubbles on your ceiling and walls, which should be taken care of as soon as possible. A careful effort was made to ensure all damage was removed and repaired.

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A Seamless Repair

The damage was fixed seamlessly. We set high standards of workmanship for our team to ensure the job is done right and our customers are satisfied.

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