Raleigh Soffit Replacement

“Necessary Replacements for Safety & Property Beautification”

  • CRM Raleigh NC Soffit Replacement

Project Details

This project was located in Raleigh, NC, where we replaced approximately 12,000 square feet of soffit in a courtyard.

First, we removed and disposed of the old soffit along with removing and disposing of the old light fixtures.

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Hidden Issues Found

Upon removal of the soffit, we discovered a handful of areas where the structure’s frame was affected by rot. During these types of projects, we tend to find hidden issues and thankfully we are able to fix these so no further damage is done to the property.

Next, our team removed and replaced the necessary lumber to ensure that the integrity of the structure was not affected any longer.

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Safety Engineering Repairs

We also found an area on a 2nd floor concrete walkway that was cracked all the way through, allowing water to pass through it and rot the framing below it. We replaced the rotten lumber and did a value engineering repair to the concrete so that our client could stay within budget, but it was still effective and safe for all.

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Project Completion

From removal of the soffit, lumber repairs to the last light fixture put up, this project was completed in 3 weeks with delays due to Raleigh’s recent wet weather.

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