Garner Front Porch Renovation

“Increased Value & Charm With This Upgraded Entrance”

  • CRM Front Porch Renovation in Garner NC

Project Details

This homeowner reached out to us looking to have a covered porch built at the front entrance of their home in Garner. So we got to work giving this house an updated look which meant adding a large 10′ x 10′ porch and upgrading the foyer window. Read on to find out what was involved in this project.

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Starting The Entry Project

After the required permits were pulled, we began the job with the demolition. We removed the fixed window above the front door and removed the framing for the new window. We removed the necessary siding, gutters, and landscaping for the building of the new porch.

Next, We saw cut the sidewalk and removed bricks to dig and pour 2 footers for the new porch. A vapor barrier and flashing was installed at the existing concrete porch and walls before starting the framing.

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New pressure treated joist system and stringers were installed with a total of 4 risers.

The frame and sheathing were built and installed for the new roof system that would go over the new porch, the new roof to be approximately 10’x10’ sq ft.

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The next step, an ice and water shield, vapor barrier, flashing and shingles to the new porch roof.

The opening was then framed for the new window, installed a vapor barrier, and installed the new tinted window, selected to reduce the usual heat emitted into the foyer by a window.

The new window was completed by installing the finishing trim, inside and outside, repairing the drywall on the inside of the house, finishing the new drywall to match the existing texture, and painting the repaired area.

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Project Completion

The crew installed new Mira Tec composite decking to the front porch for long-lasting durability and 2 fiberglass structural columns. We installed flashing trim components and a wood panel porch ceiling. All new 5” gutters were installed and downspout.

The white vinyl railing was installed and all new siding, trim, porch ceiling, and deck were painted with the client’s choice of colors.

We completed the project with all inspections passed, footer, framing, insulation, and final.

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