Durham Elevated Walkways

“Necessary Walkway Replacements for a Mulitfamily Property”

  • CRM Elevated Walkway Restoration in Durham NC

Project Details

This project was located in Durham, NC, at a multi family property. After inspection, the property decided that it was time to replace the walkways due to the deterioration caused by age and the elements. The client reached out to us and after approvals we started the work by providing the residents with a safe egress.

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Removal of Old Walkways

The beginning of the project began with the removal of two metal and concrete elevated walkways at a multi family property. We removed and disposed of the entire walkways to include the rails, metal, concrete wood framing and vinyl soffit.

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Underlying Issues Discovered and Solved

Upon removal of the walkways our crew discovered that water had been entering the space between the walkway metal and the building rotting out the wood that the walkways were secured to.

With approval from the client, we removed the rotten wood and replaced it with new pressure treated wood.

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Temporary Structures

Temporary wooden stairs were built out from the existing back porch. This gave residents another safe entry access to their homes while their front entrance and walkways were being rebuilt.

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Safe and Beautiful New Walkways

We reframed the new walkways and posts and welded all new metal and  modified rails. We installed new V-decking and prepped the area to pour all new concrete. All new vinyl soffit was installed and all the metal was primed and painted. New walkways installed and sure to last for many years for the residents in this multifamily building.

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