Clayton Attic Finish Out

Helping a Clayton Family Finish Their Attic

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Working Hard

Our client, a homeowner in Clayton, contracted us to finish a large 1,920 square foot bonus room. Finishing a room like this adds much-needed flexible usable space and adds so much value to a home.

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How We Started the Project

In this great space, we started with modifying the framing to include fur down at the ceiling for insulation, to allow access to the air handler in the attic as well as to provide a work surface for the air handler. Modifications were made to the left exterior wall to receive a ductless HVAC system under the window to ensure comfort during the summer season.
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Electrical Work

First, a 3-gang light switch was added for the installation of 3 LED can lights and 1 ceiling fan. Meeting code standards, additional outlets were then put in along the walls. Next, we ran a dedicated 220 amp line for the HVAC system that continues to the panel in the garage. Then, an efficient ductless HVAC system was installed. Included in all the electrical work were electrical trim, fixtures, and smoke detectors.

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Protection and Insulation

Being that this was an unfinished room, we installed a vapor barrier at the knee walls, baffles, and angled walls. Once this was in place insulation was fitted to code. Now, this room will have protection and feel comfortable year-round.

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Final Touches

Finally, ½” drywall was hung at walls and ceiling and finished with a smooth finish. The walls were caulked and primed. The homeowner chose 3 colors to paint the wall, trim and doors.

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