Transformed Carport

New Garage and Retaining Wall

  • CRM Garage and Retaining wall

Carport Conversion

We took a carport and closed it in to make an attached garage with an automatic garage door. We added a beautiful retaining wall with lights out back of the newly done garage.

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Carport Before Construction Began

With this project, the garage structure was already in place and just needs to be finished.

Enclosing the structure makes this parking area more practical a secure. Now this family will also be able to use their garage for storage and trash cans will be out of sight.

We removed this old retaining wall structure and wooden handrails.

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New Retaining Wall

The new retaining wall looks amazing. This newly installed wall with Diamond Pro ll block is now 4 feet tall.

A beautiful black metal handrail was added which is a huge plus because it requires no maintenance.

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Light The Way

Adding stair lighting under each step creates drama to this beautiful walkway.

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Enclosing The Garage

Next, we enclosed this carport to make it a true garage with Hardie plank siding in gray and installed a back door.

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Finished Garage

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Stairway At Night

Lighting installed along the wall and stairs make it safe and a beautiful area at night.

This will make a beautiful backdrop for a patio if the owners wish to do so.

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